- How do you build trust with your clients?

When someone is Investing for a photographer, you can bet they want to make sure they are choosing the absolute best one that checks all the boxes on their list. Our primary focus is on delivering a custom experience to couples who are looking for someone they can trust for their celebration. They want to work with a team they can count on and know that will show up and do their best work. We do not underestimate the worth of memories for our client. These are the memories that last a lifetime, if not generations to come.

- Where are you based?

We are based in Baroda and Mumbai. But we cover weddings all around India and abroad.

- How much do your packages cost?

A variety of options are available to suit every client’s requirement. The cost also varies considerably depending on factors such as number of hours shot, time of the year and location.

- How many members are part of the crew to cover all functions?

Our typical crew includes 2 to 3 cinematographers and 2 to 3 photographers along with 1 Project Director/Creative Director (CD). Our CD is the single POC and ensures that everything works out smoothly from the time we get our enquiry to the time all deliverables are sent to the client. Our crew is specialized in candid, traditional and documentary style.

- What are the final deliverables?

All films and photos are delivered in two separate pen-drives or can be transferred to your google drive account. Based on client request.

- What equipment do you use?

We upgrade our equipment regularly to ensure we are making use of the latest technology. Anything from hi-end lenses to lights, professional audio recorders, drones, etc. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any quesitons.

- Should I get additional photographers?

We usually have clients who prefer us to cover events of both sides of families. We strongly advise you not to get additional photographers. Firstly, its an expensive proposition. Secondly, it may disrupt our work. Having a single team gives us the advantage to work in unison with our team to create the quality of work we are known for. Just how the saying goes – “Too many cooks spoil the broth”.

- Any hidden costs?

All deliverables that are assured and signed in the contract is our responsibility. There are no hidden fees. According to the standard terms, the client is responsible for the travel, food and accommodation expenses for the crew members. Additional hours/days of shooting are subject to extra charges.

- Will you add all our vendors and wedding planners name in our film?

If the client wishes to publish their planners and all the vendor names, we will be happy to do that at the end of the film. We encourage you to do it if you are comfortable.

- Are same day edits possible?

We have done same day edits for so many clients. They are a great way to showcase all the best moments and emotions of those few days with everyone present for your celebrations. Please note, SDE (same day edits) require extra equipment and personnel to produce these lovely edits and that would add to the budget.

- Can you reserve our wedding dates?

Yes of course. However, please note that we would need you to sign the agreement and pay the advance so that we can officially block our calendar.

- Who will be our point of contact?

Once agreement is signed you will be assigned a Creative Director who will be your point of contact (POC). We would also request you to assign one POC from you side for seamless communication. Our CD ensures that everything works out smoothly from the time we get our enquiry to the time all deliverables are sent to the client.

- How soon should we get in touch with ECL?

Ideally as soon as your dates are finalized it would be better to get in touch with us. We take up weddings on first come first serve basis.